Thursday, February 26, 2009

dontcha love digital tv? (Grrr!)

We bought a new TV. With the ClearPlay dvd, the JBL DVD and stereo system we are up to 3 remotes and counting. The JBL is too old to play DVDs on the new TV with out flickering. Even with hitech fiberoptic cables. I wonder if we went to really cheap radioshack cables that the flickering would go away. WE already had a replacement VIZIO shipped to us and have narrowed it down to the DVD carosel player. If we replace it with the single player we have in our room, we will be up to FOUR remote least the babysitters won't be able to turn it on;)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Desitination Imagination

We are racing to the finish for the DI tournament. THe kids have come up with some great ideas and are finishing up the props. I think most of the presentation will be ad libbed but the required elements will be there. I am glad some of the kids stuck with it. Can't say the same about me. I will need more info on anything I sign up for from now on. Every mother should do something like this at least once in their kids' lives.

One week without our Phoebe

I still see a patch of sunlight and wish Phoebe were here to enjoy it. I miss her warming my covers where my feet go at night. I miss hearing Kirk talk to her and she to him. She would chase him or me up the stairs at bedtime. Maddie noticed the absence of food and water bowls and asked me "kitty?" This was two days after her death and it was all I could do to tell her "kitty is gone." I will try not to post again on her but she has affected my everyday life. I wish I had more pictures of her to post. I will set up some of my kids to take my blues away.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We publish this post in fond and loving remembrance of our 13 year old house cat Phebe. We have lots of great memories of our "first child" and how she tolerated the additions of 3 sisters and 1 brother to love, feed and pester her. She will be sorely missed, especially by Kirk, who was her person.

Monday, February 16, 2009

We took the family to see Bolt on Valentine's day. ( the day before actually) The kids are repeating "I will seriously wound you with this styrofoam." I am calling our cat a "degenerate creature of darkness" from now on. Valentine's day was filled with candy, playing, candy, reading, watching, working and more candy. Kirk got the Appleseed (manga movie) soundtrack and has been listening to it on his ipod, computer and various stereos throughout the house. I'm glad the kids have now been exposed to "Techno" music. I try to get them to listen to all sorts to find what makes them happy. The kids were overloaded with candy at school parties and shared with little bro and mom and dad.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I realized that God's plan involves children and families because that is how He could most insure that adults (parents) returned to Him heart and soul intact. It is my children who daily remind me who I am. As their guardian I see to thier physical needs. I direct them in the path they should go. But it is they who guard my soul and see to it that I follow them in the right direction of that path. They remind me to temper my spirit. They remind me to bridle my passions. They remind me over and over how to be humble followers of who I am supposed to emulate. Christ would have us be as little children. I have to swallow my pride and anger and make sure they know that the reminders they have given me (no matter how hard to hear) are correct. It is a hard line to follow that they must be chastised because of my love for them. They need to feel that love in my chastisement. Men got the priesthood to direct them aright. But women got the nurturing of children (your own or other's) to temper the human frailities (downright furnace-like if you ask me. Their little broken hearts and downcast eyes will burn the anger right out of me if I remember to be like them).