Monday, February 16, 2009

We took the family to see Bolt on Valentine's day. ( the day before actually) The kids are repeating "I will seriously wound you with this styrofoam." I am calling our cat a "degenerate creature of darkness" from now on. Valentine's day was filled with candy, playing, candy, reading, watching, working and more candy. Kirk got the Appleseed (manga movie) soundtrack and has been listening to it on his ipod, computer and various stereos throughout the house. I'm glad the kids have now been exposed to "Techno" music. I try to get them to listen to all sorts to find what makes them happy. The kids were overloaded with candy at school parties and shared with little bro and mom and dad.

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  1. there were definitely some good one-liners from that movie. our kids loved it as well.

    thanks for dropping the book by yesterday - i don't know if i'll finish, but will do my best before thursday. i'm so glad you offered it to me otherwise i might not have picked it up at all!