Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I realized that God's plan involves children and families because that is how He could most insure that adults (parents) returned to Him heart and soul intact. It is my children who daily remind me who I am. As their guardian I see to thier physical needs. I direct them in the path they should go. But it is they who guard my soul and see to it that I follow them in the right direction of that path. They remind me to temper my spirit. They remind me to bridle my passions. They remind me over and over how to be humble followers of who I am supposed to emulate. Christ would have us be as little children. I have to swallow my pride and anger and make sure they know that the reminders they have given me (no matter how hard to hear) are correct. It is a hard line to follow that they must be chastised because of my love for them. They need to feel that love in my chastisement. Men got the priesthood to direct them aright. But women got the nurturing of children (your own or other's) to temper the human frailities (downright furnace-like if you ask me. Their little broken hearts and downcast eyes will burn the anger right out of me if I remember to be like them).

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